Oath's CRO Talks Mobile Advertising In 2018

Last week, Oath, a subsidiary of Verizon Communications launched in 2017 and specializing in digital content, introduced new digital advertising formats it is testing. Encompassing augmented reality, utility, native and social advertising, the company’s advertising plan is mobile-focused as it enters its second year in the ring.

John DeVine, Chief Revenue Officer at Oath, discussed the company's direction with Publishing Insider.

PI: What were some of the advertising, digital publishing trends Oath saw in 2017 that will impact its direction in 2018?

We’re interested in strengthening and scaling up our creative portfolio. Going into 2018, mobile and video will be at the forefront of everything we do. 

This year, we launched an innovation council focused on greater ad experiences at Oath. By bringing together our sales, operations and engineering teams, we’re working to define what’s next in mobile advertising, and these new platforms are just the start.



Since the launch of Oath, we've been busy bringing together our best assets and building for the future. That's especially true with our creative portfolio of ad experiences, because today's consumers expect more from advertising and marketers need the right tools to build brand love.

With nearly 70% of our audience on mobile, we’re focused on delivering a better ad experience that's mobile-best and consumer-first.

PI: What new mobile-focused ad formats is Oath testing? 

We’ve partnered with some new brands to test out formats, including augmented reality, native, utility and social advertising. Consumers are going to benefit from them all. Users be able to save coupons and deal in their mobile wallets with our new utility formats. These formats also allow brands to alert consumers to special deals via notifications.

PI: How is your augmented reality ad unit set up?

It’s powered by Yahoo Gemini, which also powers our native platform, and will enable consumers to access immersive ads from their Yahoo Mail. Oath is  testing a native ad that will run across all Oath mobile apps, such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Weather and HuffPost. We’re working with brands like Home Depot and Potter Barn.

One of most exciting parts of this format is the level of digital storytelling brands can bring to their ad experience. Williams-Sonoma recently acquired Outward, a startup focused on augmented reality and 3D imaging. Companies across the board see value in this type of mobile ad experience, which enhances engagement.

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