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Allstate's 'Mayhem' Tries Hard To Keep Resolutions

Allstate is bringing back “Mayhem,” the brand’s whimsical mischief maker, for a campaign that breaks during the college football bowl season. 

The #ResolutionsAreMayhem campaign will air during the Allstate Sugar Bowl on Jan. 1 and the College Football National Championship Game on Jan. 8.

The campaign will use Mayhem to tap into consumers’ New Year’s resolution behaviors and aims to keep Allstate insurance top-of mind. Most people start the year with innate optimism to improve themselves/better their lives. And this year, Mayhem will do the same, resolving to stop creating mayhem in 2018 and to be all about safety and making sure folks are better protected with Allstate. 

The campaign, from Leo Burnett (Chicago), rolls out in phases that mirror actual consumer resolution behavior across national TV, digital and social, according to the financial services company. 



First, in "Mayhem Resolution", the character resolves to resign as the loveable mischief maker fans have come to know, while Allstate reminds customers that resolutions are made to be broken and that they’re in Good Hands with Allstate. Then,  in “Road Flare,” “Home Security,” “Tennis Ball” and “Lightning Rod” he is shown trying to help consumers be safer.  

However, in a spot breaking Jan. 8 during the national championships, Mayhem realizes thinking the New Year will be free of mayhem is as naïve as believing that most people will keep their resolutions all year long. He gets fed up, breaks his resolution, and officially announces he is back — reminding consumers that they can’t always avoid life’s uncertainties, which is why they need the protection of Allstate.   

Each spot will feature the hashtag #ResolutionsAreMayhem, a tag that will also appear in digital and social content focused on relatable consumer resolutions, like dieting and exercise. In addition to the TV spots, the effort includes digital and social components to roll out in three phases: making resolutions, struggling but keeping resolutions and breaking resolutions.

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