Advancing Diversity Hosts Job Fair During CES

Advancing Diversity and Jack Myers KnowledgeExchange are putting on what they’re calling a “pop-up” job fair during this week’s CES show. 

They’re working with a number of partners on the project, including Oath, Facebook, Google, Viacom, AT&T Adworks, Caesars, Prohaska Consulting, Jam City, Zappos and MediaVillage. 

The job fair, which is open to students and attendees of CES, will provide access to a database of available jobs at participating companies who are hiring now, according to the fair’s organizers. 

The Myers organization is also putting on the first annual Advancing Diversity Honors at the CES show in collaboration with several other organizations.

Nice work ,Jack. Now if you can just get the CES organizers to stop pussyfooting around and get them to put some major league female talent in the show’s top keynoter roles. It’s a glaring issue, as most recently reported by USA Today.



It shouldn’t be that difficult. I mean, just google “top female tech experts” and you get nearly 5 million results! In 0.62 seconds!

Surely, there must be some qualified candidates within those results. And imagine who you could find if you, the CES organizers, spent a couple of days or weeks looking for some inspired choices. Right? I’m not crazy for thinking that am I?

Also, keynoters are meant to inspire.

And I know there are tech savvy females out there who are up for the task. But at a show like this, which commands national attention, why not go for a national name? Why does Oprah Winfrey come to mind? Oh right, because she knocked it out of the park at the Golden Globes. I’m pretty sure she could knock it out of the park during a CES keynote speech, too.

As could, oh, I don’t know thousands of other females in the industry, with or without hi-tech degrees.

So, CES get off the dime and solve this. It’s not that difficult. 

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