IAB Lab Releases 'OpenDirect' Update, Supports Negotiations

The IAB Technology Laboratory this morning released OpenDirect 2.0, an update of the specs it recommends the industry use for trading “premium” automated guaranteed ads.

The IAB lab said the update completes the OpenMedia specification stack by facilitating non-real-time bidding transactions. It will accept public comments on them through March 12.

“The revised spec will boost the capabilities of the standard protocol by enabling cross-platform order management and allowing publishers to make guaranteed inventory available to a wide set of agencies and advertisers globally,” the lab said in a statement, adding that the updates include support for:

  • Publishers and buyers to negotiate prices

  • Buyers to discover new deal opportunities to purchase publishers’ inventory

  • Expanded media channels (including the use of AdCOM, the new Advertising Common Object Model,

“This update to OpenDirect will allow for more fluid movement of premium inventory, while greatly reducing the overhead involved when integrating with partners,” explained Dennis Buchheim, senior vice president/GM, IAB Tech Lab.

To review the proposed update to OpenDirect, please visit iabtechlab .com/opendirect. Questions and comments can be sent to openmedia@iabtechlab.com.
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