NeverBounce Offers Email Verification Discount To Startups

NeverBounce, an email verification and list-cleaning service, is reaching out to startups with a discount offer. Qualifying applicants can receive a 30% discount off the firm’s email verification services for up to two years.  

Applicants for the Startup program must be privately held and in business for less than two years. They must also have a website and/or public references on the Internet, the firm says.  

The discount applies to users who are cleaning email via major connectivity methods, including NeverBounce API, JavaScript Widget, and Webhook.

The program received a soft launch last October.

One applicant was Fat Lama, a rental platform. "NeverBounce has been a game changer for us and many other Y Combinator companies," said Chaz Englander, co-founder & CEO of Fat Lama.

"In the early stage of most companies, reaching prospects and customers through email is crucial to creating valuable relationships and growing your business," states Brad Owen, CEO and founder of NeverBounce.

Owen adds that “similar programs were beneficial to our own success when we launched three years ago.” 

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