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Who Cares How You #WokeUp? Pampers Shares How Babies Sleep

For parents of infants, few things are more precious than a full-night’s sleep. And while many moms might be willing to share their middle-of-the-night photos with the popular hashtag #WokeUpLikeThis, they might be happier to show off how their baby is sleeping. 

To promote its new line of diapers with “Extra Absorb Channels," P&G’s Pampers brand has launched a new campaign encouraging parents to share their children’s peaceful slumber with their own line, #SleptLikeThis.

“#SleptLikeThis builds on Pampers equity because baby's happy, healthy development is the brand’s first priority,” Laura Dressman of P&G Baby Care Communications in North America, tells Marketing Daily. “Pampers knows that when baby sleeps, everyone else can get some sleep, too, and that is important for the overall health of the entire family.”



The effort includes an online quiz — developed with author and child and family therapist Kim West — to help parents understand their baby’s sleep personalities. Those who take the quiz will receive sleep-training tips from West, and be entered in a sweepstakes for a nursery/child’s room makeover. 

We want parents to take the #SleptLikeThis quiz and share their results on social media using the hashtag,” Dressman says. “Kim incorporated her years of experience counseling many families on best sleep practices into the quiz to formulate different sleep personalities.”

To help promote the social content, Pampers worked with YouTube parenting channel What’s Up Moms? on a prank-style video in which the channel’s hosts prepare expectant parents on the rigors of baby care by waking them up in the middle of the night. In many cases, the hosts do so by pouring giant cups of water on the parents, driving home the idea that being wet and uncomfortable is no way to sleep. 

“We wanted to bring to life how rough it is for a baby to sleep through the night with a leaky diaper in a fun way, and how [the Extra Absorb Channels] will help baby stay dry overnight,” Dressman says. 

The video is currently playing on the What’s Up Moms? channel and being promoted through P&G’s and Pampers’s social outlets.

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