MG/Parade Teams With Made In Network To Develop YouTube Brand Channels

Another publisher is investing in the future of video.

AMG/Parade, the publisher of brands like Parade, Relish, Spry Living, Athlon Sports & Life and American Profile's Community Table, is partnering with Nashville-based, video-first media company Made In Network, which builds and operates YouTube brand channels.

Made In Network will also assist with concept creation, channel management, video production and influencer marketing for AMG/Parade’s brands.

The partnership will see AMG/Parade sell custom brand channels, as well as offer content across various platforms.

“Made In Network saw value in transforming our brands in video formats, and we saw how Made In Network’s success is driven by a keen understanding of how to build engaged audiences on YouTube,” stated Tracey Altman, EVP at AMG/Parade.

This isn’t the first partnership between AMG/Parade and Made In Network.



The two companies worked together in 2015 to build a YouTube channel for AMG/Parade’s Community Table. In 2017, AMG/Parade and Made In Network also created  “Best Parts,” a weekly series on Parade’s YouTube channel.

“YouTube is the latest generation of television and the future of how people consume media. It’s not only time to reimagine our own brands for digital native audiences, but also to offer solutions to brands that are trying to reach this same target audience,” Altman added.

Three more custom AMG/Parade channels will roll out over the next two years.

Leading the sales efforts for the partnership are Amy Chernoff, AMG/Parade senior vice president/Chief Revenue Officer, and Monique Kakar, vice president, corporate marketing and video solutions.

Publishers are expanding video production efforts to attract a younger generation as well as advertisers to the format.

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