If You Open Legoland Star Wars Days Email, You'll See Instagram Ads for the Event

Email data offers the most insight for Merlin Entertainments than any other channel, but the company uses a multichannel approach to help drive conversions. In a presentation at the Email Insider Summit Europe, Ulf Tiedemann, head of CRM UK & Europe at Merlin Entertainments, revealed how then company is using data to deliver cross channel experiences.

For example, people that received the Legoland Star Wars Days email that opened and clicked the emails, will see images promoting these events on social media. In addition, then company does lookalike modeling to deliver these ads to similar audiences. Doing so, has helped the brand see a 59% in click-through rate in lookalike audiences. And more importantly, people targeted on email and social with the same message were 11% more likely to purchase.

The company also adds retargeting pixels on emails, then look at the keywords these attract and target based on these keywords. A trick or treat campaign retargeted people on social and email that pushed to a landing page. Retargeting and lookalike performed the best in this campaign, generating an ROI of 206.

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