1-800-Flowers' Text, Click Share Numbers Blossom

At least in terms of text ads, 1-800-Flowers outperformed the competition in the run-up to Valentine’s Day.

That’s according to new analysis from Adthena, which found that 1-800-Flowers served up more texts that rival flower retailers.

ProFlowers’ impression share was 18.19%, which bested that of 1800flowers.com (16.52%), and other top services.

Yet in terms of click share, 1-800-Flowers dominated with a 35.32% share. In this category, the next best services were ftd.com (with a 14.81%), and ProFlowers (with a 13.5% share).



“1-800-Flowers dominated on performance,” Ashley Fletcher, vice president, marketing at Adthena, notes in a new report. “While they were evenly matched with ProFlowers for impressions, they were miles ahead of the competition on click share.

Adthena’s analysis revealed that 1-800-Flowers had an all-encompassing search strategy, Fletcher added.

“They bid consistently on all high-volume generic keywords like ‘flowers,’ which are expensive, to more niche, Valentine's Day-specific terms,” she said. “It was a full-court press.”

For its findings, the search analytics platform said it analyzed roughly 2,700 text search ads -- totaling over 590 search terms and 17.4 million impressions -- from 276 US-based floral and gourmet foods gift retailers.

The study was conducted between January 15 and February 14, 2018.

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