Security Pros Must Fight Threats, But Many Lack Budgets

Security professionals list cybercriminals as the biggest security threat they face, according to an infographic from PhishMe. 

The stats show that 63% share that fear. In contrast, 43% cite application vulnerabilities and 42% cite insiders.

Their major concerns about cyber attacks involve social engineering (46%), targeted attacks (43%), app vulnerabilities (20%) and insider theft (19%).

Despite these issues, security pros face several obstacles in attempting to protect their companies. For 62% ,insufficient budgets are a problem. In addition, 74% lack security skills and 67% a lack of training. 

IT security management and CISOs typically set priorities. But spending and buying decisions are made by other executives, PhishMe states.

In 48% of the firms, the CFO is in charge of these decisions, while in 33%, it’s the CEO who makes the decisions.



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