Martin Agency Creates New 'Feel Good' Jingle, Campaign For Sabra Hummus

Hummus marketer Sabra Dipping Company is kicking off a new campaign from The Martin Agency that includes a catchy new jingle that expresses what the company calls the “food joy” of hummus lovers.

According to the company the refrain of the campaign’s jingle--“I just had Sabra hummus and now I feel good!”--is inspired by consumer feedback about the brand.

Judge for yourself how catchy the new jingle is here.  

“We live in a culture of food enthusiasm, and hummus lovers are particularly passionate about expressing their love for this plant-based dip,” said Sara Braca, marketing director for Sabra Dipping Company.

“The campaign,” Braca added, “celebrates the feelings hummus fans articulate about why they love our brand. For some it’s about sharing something better for you, for others it’s about staying satisfied during a busy day, but for everyone it comes down to the joy of not having to compromise – the ability to savor fantastic flavor and feel great about your choice.”



The national broadcast, print and digital campaign, called “Feel Good Food,” debuts March 12 with :15 and :30 spots portraying Sabra fans so pleased to be enjoying Sabra hummus that they are compelled to sing its praises and then hold it close to their heart. 

Fully integrated digital, PR, social and experiential activations will deliver campaign messaging across platforms. The intended takeaway: If you eat Sabra, you know you will feel good.

“Sabra is known for inspiring a fresh way of eating flavorful, feel good food,” said David Muhlenfeld, vice president, creative director for The Martin Agency, who is credited as the “mastermind” behind the new jingle. “Feel good food is food that doesn’t compromise. It tastes better and is better for you.”

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