MailChimp Releases Spring Product Updates

MailChimp has added several new features to its email marketing solution that help marketers and small business owners propel subscribers to purchase with limited friction.

MailChimp users can now create and customize an email landing page -- a stand-alone web page that subscribers reach when they click on an email link. Email marketing campaigns paired with personalized landing pages can increase conversion rates by limiting the number of steps a subscriber needs to complete before fulfilling a call-to-action, such as making a purchase. For example, an email highlighting retail promotions may contain a link to a landing page containing the merchandise on sale.

MailChimp has provided several landing-page templates that marketers can repurpose to suit their business needs, including product showcases, promotional discounts, giveaways, pre-sale announcements, and free download offers. The editing component of the new feature is easy to use, incorporating drag-and-drop workflows for the addition of images and products. In addition, the company offers reporting tools to track the landing page’s visitors, clicks, conversions, and revenue.



The Atlanta-based company has also introduced abandoned cart mobile notifications to its platform. The mobile notifications prompt MailChimp customers to enable Abandoned Cart emails to automatically follow up with customers who leave items in their cart

In addition, MailChimp announced four new or updated integrations to its platform. A new partnership with Big Cartel adds reporting and analytical tools to MailChimp campaigns, while a MIVA integration helps users recover lost sales with targeted messages like abandoned cart emails and product recommendations. MailChimp’s existing BigCommerce integration now allows for product retargeting emails, and the Drupal + Ubercart integration now includes auto-enabled pop-up forms and product retargeting emails as well.



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