Consumers Crave SVOD Platforms

Streaming video content grows as consumers take on multiple services. This is happening as concerns over personal data continue and pay TV subscriptions decline.

The average streaming video subscriber is paying for three on-demand services -- collectively spending $2.1 billion per month on SVOD services, says Deloitte, the consulting and advisory service. 

U.S. consumers can now choose from among 200 SVOD platforms.

Some 48% of U.S. consumers are streaming television content every day or weekly, up 11% year-over-year.

The report also says total pay TV subscriptions declined for the first time in recent years —  to 63% of U.S. TV households in 2017, down from 75%. The drop is pronounced among Generation Z (ages 14-20), Millennials (ages 21-34) and Generation X (ages 35-51) consumers.

The research says 22% of millennials have never subscribed to a pay TV service.

When it comes to personal data on digital media, the study found that 69% of consumers believe companies are not doing everything to protect personal data.

In addition, 73% would be more comfortable sharing data if they had visibility and control, and 93% want to delete their online data whenever they want.

Deloitte’s U.S. data came from online methodology among 2,088 consumers in November 2017.

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