Cheddar Previews General-Interest News Channel

Cheddar, the streaming business and lifestyle news channel, offered a preview of its second channel Friday morning: Cheddar Big News (CBN, for short).

The preview, which aired on the Cheddar feed beginning 8 a.m., was hosted by anchor Jill Wagner. An on-screen graphic at the top of the show said that it was “Powered by The Coca-Cola Company.”

The first two stories covered were a breaking news report about two coalition soldiers killed by an explosion in Syria, followed by a story about Facebook trying to fight fake news on its platform.

“A fresh take on headline news. No yelling. No bias. No BS,” described a Facebook post about the new channel.

The company announced in November that it would be launching a second channel to focus on general interest news and serve as a complement to Cheddar’s business and lifestyle focus.

Earlier this month, the company raised $22 million as part of an expansion push, and announced that CBN would officially launch in April. The preview on Friday effectively served as a test run for the channel.



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