Deadpool 'Sells Out' To Push Devour's New Frozen Sandwiches

Kraft Heinz’s Devour frozen foods brand has recruited superhero superstar du jour, Deadpool, for the launch campaign for a line of frozen sandwiches.

The campaign cross-promotes Twentieth Century Fox’s “Deadpool 2,” set for release on May 18.

The centerpiece is a 30-second digital-only ad (below), from the Wildness agency, in which the viewer goes inside a Deadpool dream.

After riding a unicorn through a supermarket to the frozen food aisle in search of a satisfying sandwich, the character readily confesses when a little girl accuses him of “selling out.”

The campaign also includes digital banners and social media, out-of-home in markets across the country, point-of-sale in 9,000 stores, and custom Deadpool packaging.

Like Devour’s frozen meals, the new sandwiches are designed to appeal to young men (what Carl’s Jr. dubbed “hungry young guys”), combining “tender meats mixed with soon-to-be melted gooey cheeses loaded atop toasted, golden-brown bread.” Flavors include a Philly cheesesteak, buffalo chicken, sweet and smoky pork, and turkey bacon and ranch.



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