IAB: Digital Video Still Has Untapped Potential For Brands

Original digital videos can serve to engage consumers who may not be well-served by other types of video content, according to a new study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau.

The study, “Digital Video Viewers And Brand Connection,” was designed to examine the audience for original digital videos (ODV is defined as ad-supported, professionally produced and digitally distributed original videos), and how those consumers engage with brands.

According to IAB, ODV reaches 86 million Americans age 13 or older, including 72 million that are 18 or older. In 2013, ODV reached approximately 45 million Americans 13 or older. ODV also reached a higher concentration of millennials and Get Z when compared to the audience of people who watch traditional TV shows online.

Probably the most important takeaway for marketers was that the ODV audience is extremely receptive to advertising, with almost half defined as “Brand Seekers,”  consumers “likely to seek out and be open to new brands they don’t know, and be receptive to direct communications with them.”



Direct-to-consumer brands that operate entirely or primarily online are in a particular strong position when it comes to engaging ODV viewers. Consumers that watch ODV not only have a higher awareness of these direct brands, but are also more likely to make a purchase from one of those companies than the average viewer of digital video. 

The IAB report comes less than a week before the Bureau co-hosts the annual newfront presentations, which will see companies like Twitter, YouTube, The New York Times and Oath present their video and content strategies to advertisers and media buyers.

“This study makes it crystal-clear that investment in original digital video is a must for today’s brands,” said Anna Bager, executive VP of industry initiatives for IAB, in a statement. “The research demonstrates that original digital video delivers a hard-to-reach audience who are more engaged with brands than other digital video viewer groups.”

You can read the full study here.

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