McCann, Prostate Cancer Canada Unveil The Famous Fingers Collection

McCann Canada is out with a funny new campaign about a serious subject—prostate cancer—on behalf of Prostate Cancer Canada.

The truth of the matter is that a prostate exam by a medical professional inserting a gloved finger up the rectum to check for abnormalities, coupled with a PSA test, remains the most effective way to detect problems.

The campaign, The Famous Fingers Collection, is designed to reinforce that fact and encourage more men to get regular checkups.

The campaign is anchored with an ad set in a product test lab-type setting where men in patients’ gowns (open in back of course) assume the position to assess the fit and feel of different fingers supposedly modeled on the fingers of such famous people as Babe Ruth and Abraham Lincoln, along with one well-known monster.

And, perhaps, one non-human (we won’t spoil the surprise).

Have a look and a laugh here.



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