Land O'Frost Launches First National TV Campaign

The 60-year-old Land O'Frost and agency MERGE are introducing the pre-sliced meat brand's first national TV campaign to reach budget-conscious moms. 

The creative shows men and women dressed as food-like mascots, similar to Fruit Of the Loom, as they discuss sales trends, partake in team-building exercises and practice a bit of stress-busting meditation as part of the “Sandwich Board.”

“I was spread a little thin,” jokes a giant jar of Mayo that shows up late. The ads end with the brand's tagline, “A Slice Above.”

“This is Land O’ Frost Premium’s introduction, so it was critical that the creative achieve more than typical CPG goals, like recall and purchase intent,” says Kevin Houlihan, president and chief creative officer of MERGE.

“The boardroom characters bring the brand to life and make it meaningful to people.”

The 15- and 30-second spots appear across network TV, cable and in syndication, and are expected to reach about 91% of U.S. households.





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