Google And Wix Work To Index Sites In Search Within 30 Seconds

Referral traffic from Google search is up, primarily due to increased traffic from an increase in mobile use by consumers and from companies optimizing their sites using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Most people see content in Facebook and click over to the website, but recent data from Chartbeat shows that is no longer the case.

This trend has prompted Wix to partner with Google to help smaller websites get indexed within seconds and it's one less thing that search engine optimization professionals need to concern themselves with -- ensuring that the new site gets quickly indexed in Google.

The news was announced in May at the Google I/O developer conference, but Search Insider caught up with Israel-based Sarig Reichert, head of Wix marketing products, to have a chat about Instant Indexing, a tool added to SEO Wiz.

Reichert said Wix worked with Google to enable the content to index very quickly. Wix used an API to enable companies to submit their site -- a function that only works on the original submission. Subsequent changes to each page on the site still take time.



Once the site gets submitted, the user can follow other steps to improve the site’s SEO. Reichert pointed to UK-based Dytham Jewellery Designs on the keyword “engagement rings” that rose from page 13 to page 1 in one month as an example.

Since launching SEO Wiz, Reichert said, 82% of Wix users rank higher on Google, with 67% of them serving up on the first page.

Reichert said Wix has not developed anything similar with Microsoft Bing. “It’s part of the things we’re considering, but I don’t have any other information to share,” he said.

Wix also created guidelines for its users to comply with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), including a way to access and delete customer data. 

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