Memorial Day Emails Drove Less Opens, Clicks Than Other Mondays: SendGrid

Memorial Day saw a 4% increase in email volume compared to prior weekends. But it wasn’t a great day for opens and clicks, judging by new research from SendGrid.

Contrary to what you might expect, Memorial Day emails generated 8% fewer opens and 6.2% fewer clicks compared to previous Mondays. 

The takeaway? “Memorial Day can be an extremely effective sending day for marketers,” saysCarly Brantz, VP of revenue marketing for SendGrid. “However, it's important to understand the nuances of your recipient’s behavior.” 

Brantz explains: "Recipients are interacting with email differently. Therefore, understanding the changes in recipient behavior will help ensure that messages being sent stand out and, most importantly, are seen.”

SendGrid also found that: 

  • Desktops generated 54% of opens and clicks, compared with 41% for mobile.
  • Most of the emails were opened around 10 a.m., peaking around 2 p.m. MST.
  • 90% more emails mentioned “sales,” vs. prior weekends. 



Brantz continues, "It’s important to time your messages to when people are engaging with their inboxes. In the case of Memorial Day, it’s wise to push your messaging prior to the weekend when most people are still heavily engaging.”

She adds," "In addition to timing messaging on the most fruitful day, be sensitive to engagement windows intra-day. We see most opens occurring beginning in the morning around 10am and peaking around 2pm MST. If possible, knowing your recipient’s time zone can optimize engagement.”

SendGrid studied the count of the entire weekend, including Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and compared it to a comparable prior three-day window. It focused on previous Mondays to determine the biggest difference in opens and clicks.


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  1. Paul Jenson from Winc, June 4, 2018 at 1:01 p.m.

    Is there a link to the SendGrid study anywhere?

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