Movable Ink And Pega Partner On Personalized Email Service

Movable Ink is partnering with Pega to deliver personalized, image-based emails at the moment of open, the companies announced on Tuesday.

The combined service will be available immediately to mutual clients of Movable Ink and Pega.

The firms say they can eliminate disjointed experiences, increase productivity and drive customer engagement, based on next best actions.   

Movable Ink brings an intelligent content platform to the table. For its part, Pega offers its AI-powered Marketing Application that uses data from multiple datasets and channels to recommend products, services and actions to customers.

In addition, the companies claim that the combined offering provides these benefits:

  • An omnichannel experience that enables marketers to integrate next best actions into email campaigns through any ESP
  • Hyper-personalized calls to action based on behaviors, preferences and context, leading to higher click rates and conversions.
  • Increased revenue from email.



“Next-Best-Action uses real time omnichannel AI to deliver the optimal engagement for each individual customer,” says Tom Libretto, Pega CMO. “By analyzing historical and contextual data, it continually adapts to customer’s changing needs ensuring the right message or offer is delivered at the right moment on the right channel.”

“The most effective marketing delivers more than an offer; it’s about the entire experience the offer comes wrapped in,” states Vivek Sharma, CEO of Movable Ink.

He adds: “From images to text, delivering a perfect experience requires deep knowledge of consumers and the ability to use data to adapt in the moment.”



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