Convey Launches Email Tool For Sales Teams

Convey Services has unveiled an email marketing solution for indirect and channel sales organizations.

Conduct is a SaaS-based marketing tool for “sales partners who need marketing support to drive interest in new products and services that accelerate revenue,” states Convey CEO Carolyn Bradfield.  

The new offering is integrated into the Convey online portals used by agents in several markets, including telecom, cloud, Internet of Things, food service distributors and property and casualty insurance.

Conduct provides pre-packaged marketing campaigns into the online accounts of these sales partners, the company states.

Bradfield adds that “many agents have access to off-the-shelf email marketing software, but most don’t have the time or expertise to write and create an effective marketing message or produce graphics.”

“Social media is often touted as a preferred marketing method. However, email still remains the most efficient and cost-effective tool available, producing a much higher return on investment when compared to all social media combined," she says.



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