Omnicom's New Experiential Group

Omnicom has reorganized its collection of experiential marketing agencies and folded them under a new umbrella unit called the Omnicom Experiential Group.

The agencies include Auditoire, Doit!, GMR Marketing, Luxury Makers and Tro. The group will be led by a board that includes GMR CEO Cameron Parsons, Auditoire CEO Cyril Giorgini, and Tro Group CEO Michael Wyrley-Birch. 

The reorganization is designed to strengthen business development efforts and make it easier to assemble customized teams for clients. It will also enable scalability for global brands and facilitate better deployment of resources where they are needed within the group, according to the company.

The new setup will also better position the group to capitalize on projected strong growth in the experiential marketing sector. The firm references a recent Freeman Global Brand Experience Study, which reported that one-third of CMO respondents say they will set aside 21% to 50% of their budgets for experiential elements going forward.

"Omnicom Experiential Group provides us an opportunity to combine the strengths of our individual agencies to create an unmatched global offering for today's leading brands," said Parsons.

The new Group is comprised of 1,600 staffers across 29 offices in 16 countries, including global hubs in London, Milwaukee, Paris, Sao Paulo and Shanghai.




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  1. Khalid Mahmood Imtiaz Lashari from Ordinary Individual, June 11, 2018 at 1:52 p.m.

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