NBCU Holds Top TV Ad Share For 2017-2018 Season

For the 2017-2018 TV season that has just been completed, NBC Universal held the top spots in overall advertising share of revenue.

In terms of entertainment programming across all its networks, NBCU holds 17.3% of the ad revenue market share for the period from October through the end of May, according to Standard Media Index’s AccuTV service.

Discovery Inc. -- which includes Scripps Networks, acquired earlier this year -- is at a a 14.6% share, with Viacom at 13.8%; Walt Disney at 9.6%; WarnerMedia (formerly Time Warner) at 9.4%; and CBS at 9.2%.

The top eight media owners account for 85% of ad revenue. The top 12 media owners account for 95% of ad revenue.

NBCU also scored the best results in terms of best ad share for news programming platforms, with a 33.8% market share. Twenty-First Century Fox is at 19.1%; WarnerMedia, 16.2%; Walt Disney, 14.3%; CBS, 8.8%; and Univision, 5.3%.



The top five media owners account for 92% of ad revenue.

Sports programming also places NBCU on top -- largely due to its airing of the Super Bowl and the Winter Olympics this past year. NBCU has 28.5% market share of all sports advertising revenue. (It was 17% a year ago.)

Walt Disney had a 25.7% share this year, with 21st Century Fox at 16.7%; CBS, 15.1%; and WarnerMedia at 9.4%.

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