Lastline Offers Email Protection Suite

Lastline is offering a suite of products to help companies protect themselves against phishing attacks, malware and business email compromise.

Lastline Email Defender protects cloud-based on on-premise email deployments, the company says.

The products include Lastline Email Defender-Cloud, a threat-detection service for cloud-native email applications, including Office 365 and Gmail.

Also being offered is Lastline Email Defender-Enterprise, designed to complement on-premises security controls like Secure Email Gateways that block threats such as spam, but cannot fight against advanced threats.

"Email remains a primary attack vector for every organization, regardless of size or industry," commented Christopher Kruegel, Lastline CEO and co-founder.

He adds: "Email-based attacks continue to succeed because advanced threat actors continue to improve techniques for bypassing both traditional and 'next-generation' security controls, leaving systems and data at risk.”



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