'The Information' Donates Portion Of Subscriptions To Journalism Nonprofits

To celebrate Independence Day, The Information is donating a portion of new subscription revenue to nonprofits that support independent journalism. The Information focuses on fewer, longer and more in-depth stories on the tech industry.

For every new annual subscriber who signs up from July 3 to today, The Information will donate $100 to Youth Radio, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press and Families of the Capital Gazette shooting victims.

“Independence Day for an Independent Press,” the tagline for the initiative reads. “It's a critical time to protect and preserve a free press.” 



An annual subscription to The Information, a site that covers technology from behind a paywall, costs $399. The site also has a student edition for $19.50 per month, and a premium product called “The Information for Investors,” which will run subscribers $10,000 a year.

A subscription gets readers exclusive editorial content, an evening newsletter on the day’s top tech news, conference calls with reporters and experts in the industry, and access to networking events.

The donations will be funded to:

Youth Radio is based in Oakland and teaches students to contribute to national conversations using the media.

Founded by First Amendment lawyers and journalists, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press focuses on protecting journalists' sources and reporters' access to information and documents.

The third organization listed is a group of nonprofits supporting the families of those who were killed during the shooting at the Capital Gazette office in Maryland on June 28.

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