Your Lucky Day, If You Like (Not-So) Nice Cream

Merlin Entertainment's The San Francisco Dungeon (TSFD) is raising awareness about its immersive experience by hosting the Miss Piggott’s (Not-So) Nice Cream Pop-up Parlor on Friday the 13th.

Created in partnership with experiential marketing agency Sense New York, the one-day activation at the Fisherman's Wharf celebrates TSFD's macabre history with a menu that serves dirty ice cream topped with "candy covered critters, including real insects, scorpions and worms."  

Visitors will spin the “Wheel of Misfortune” to determine their flavor, as well as a chance to win free tickets to TSFD. Guests are encouraged to share their experience across social media by tagging @TheSFDungeon, using hashtag #BugIceCream. 

The name of the pop-up parlor was inspired by Miss Piggott, who during the Gold Rush in the 1860s and 1870s, would drug unassuming drunkards with “Miss Piggott’s Special” -- a concoction of brandy, whiskey and gin laced with opium -- leading them to a trap door and then into the custody of needy ship captains looking for sailors (or slaves). This tale is part of the tour, which also includes an underground boat ride and what the tour calls the city’s only underground drop ride, Escape Alcatraz.



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