Enthusem, Marketo Link Ties, Now Trigger Direct Mail To Email

Enthusem has integrated its direct mail system with Marketo and claims that it can send paper mail with the same speed and tracking ability as an automated email.  

Users can trigger a direct mail piece based on a Marketo contact’s activity. For example, a person who doesn’t open an email or click on a link after 24 hours can be sent a triggered direct mail piece containing the same content.

Enthusem points to research showing that marketers can increase their overall response rates by 35% by integrating direct mail and email.

SnackNation has seen “response as high as 18%” on mailers sent using Marketo’s automated sequence, states George Hoffman, marketing automation manager for SnackNation.

Enthusem’s direct mail automation platform triggers personalized printed communications from third-party CRM and marketing automation platforms, such asMarketo, the firm says.

Shai Alfandary, vice president, global head of ISVs and the LaunchPoint ecosystem at Marketo, states that Enthusem has “made direct mail relevant again with its hyper-personalized approach and by integrating it into an effective, omnichannel strategy.”




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