Bing Adds Intelligent Search Features On The Upside

It has been decades since I visited Mount Rushmore, but it’s something I want to do as an adult. Now living in Wyoming most of the year, I have the opportunity to head out for the weekend to see the monument and other places across the Midwest and central U.S. So I’ve been searching and keeping an eye on hotel rates, just in case my husband and i decide to rent a room rather than take the travel trailer.

Google initially began providing historical price trends for a specific date ranges to help customers make price-based decisions. In May, Bing released a hotel booking feature with aggregated pricing from third-party booking sites. Now intelligent search features let consumers view pricing trends.

Bing’s price trend feature allows those looking for a hotel to browse costs over time. It's a lot easier to compare and contrast when you can click through many times to check the rates throughout a date range without having to back out and try again, as so many airlines require you to do.

Bing’s hotel features are available on desktop and mobile. I like the comparison view feature because it provides an overview of pricing and options by hotel. Detailed breakdowns appear side-by-side, and the grid shows hotel prices, ratings, class levels, amenities and more.



These features represent progress toward machine learning and automation. The intelligent feature around hotel search is just one new option. Bing also released intelligent search for home cost and pricing guides through the home service search portal, and coupon and deal snippets in search.

After the person searches to discover the cost for the repair, Bing allows the searcher to find local businesses through Yelp to request a quote from several service providers.

Bing has also added a snippet feature to serve up deals on a site in search results. The deals, aggregated across first- and third-party listings, display in query results when searching for retailers or coupons.

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