Verizon To Offer YouTube TV In 5G Broadband Rollout

Verizon will join AT&T and T-Mobile in offering free premium streaming video to its customers.

The company this week said that it would start rolling out 5G residential internet service in four cities this year: Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Houston and Sacramento.

Along with that announcement, the company also said that its residential broadband subscribers in those cities would receive an Apple TV 4K, as well as the streaming video bundle YouTube TV.

YouTube TV, with about 60 channels, completes with the likes of Sling TV, DirecTV Now and Hulu with Live TV. By offering it as part of its 5G residential internet service, Verizon has the potential to turbocharge its subscriber base.

Mobile companies have increasingly turned to premium video content in order to differentiate their data products.



AT&T offers free HBO to some wireless customers, and recently announced a streaming bundle called AT&T Watch that will also be bundled with some data subscriptions. T-Mobile, meanwhile, has offered free subscriptions to Netflix to some customers.

Verizon’s offer is a bit different, as it is focused on 5G residential broadband, not wireless. Nonetheless, as wireless companies start to take on cable companies and offer residential internet access, they will need some way to stand out. Free premium streaming content is one very intriguing way to do so.

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