Cofense Adds Automation And Playbooks To Anti-Phishing Line

Cofense has added automation to its PhishMe phishing simulation product line.

Users can now automate delivery of their phishing simulation programs, using a product known as PhishMe Playbooks, the company says.

Automation can “relieve security operators of the repetitive tasks to allow them to focus on strategic, intelligent decision-making,” states Rohyt Belani, co-founder and CEO of Cofense.

Playbooks allow firms to customize tasks.

Belani argues that they allow users “to choose various programs just like one does on a treadmill in a gym, so they don’t need to focus on the metaphorical tasks of having to change speed and incline but can instead focus on designing and tracking the appropriate success criteria and presenting them appropriately to senior management.” 

Phishing simulation mimic actual email threats, and help employees identify those threats, the company says.





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