NHTSA Issues RFP For Multiyear $200 Million Agency Contract

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the federal agency responsible for keeping people safe on America’s roads, has put out an RFP for its estimated five-year $200 million media, marketing and ad services contract. 

The remit focuses on the agency’s behavioral safety programs, such as efforts to get drivers to wear seat belts and to drive sober. 

The agency has worked with Knoxville-based Tombras Group for the last 13 years. The latest work from Tombras debuted last week in the run-up to the Labor Day weekend, one of the deadliest weekends of the year on U.S. highways. 

The new campaign is focused on people driving while they are high on drugs, like opiates and marijuana, with the tagline “If You Feel Different You Drive Different. Drive High Get A DUI.” 

RFPs for the new contract are due October 8. 

NHTSA didn’t immediately respond to queries, but more information on the bidding process can be found here.



Dooley Tombras, president of The Tombras Group, said: "I can confirm that The Tombras Group is participating in the NHTSA RFP. We have been lucky to partner with NHTSA on key roadway safety issues, from impaired and distracted driving to seat belt use, teen driving safety and more."


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