Contrary To Goldfish Wisdom, Most Pros Say Their Attention Spans Have Grown

Despite ubiquitous ad industry comparisons of consumer attention to less than that of a goldfish, professionals at least believe they actually pay more attention to media content now than they did a year earlier, according to findings of a national survey of U.S. professionals in a cross-section of industries published by Prezi.

Six in ten said they give their undivided attention to a piece of content without getting distracted more than they did a year ago.

The findings are self-reported, but if true, it likely is related to some coping mechanisms professionals have developed for selecting and organizing content.

Nearly two-thirds (63%) said they simply let content "find them," while nearly half (49%) acknowledge becoming "more selective."

More than a third (38%) said they consume digital content only, and the same percentage said they bookmark it for later.

"Our results suggest that attention spans are not only intact, but also getting longer in younger generations," the report states, adding: "And what that means, of course, is this: the earlier businesses choose to start creating content that’s suited to the way today’s audiences prefer to consume it, the better their chances will be of growing alongside these shifts in behavior."

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