Evergage Adds Process For Integrating With Its Platform

Evergage has launched a new framework for helping clients utilize its personalization services.

Evergage Gears lets brands use connectors and extensions to integrate with the Evergage platform. The objective is to “help companies accelerate to the 1-to-1 world,” states Evergage CEO and co-founder Karl Wirth.

The firm is debuting the new platform at the Evergage Summit in Boston this week.

Evergage specializes in providing personalized experiences through email, websites, web and mobile apps, and onsite search. 

According to the company, Evergage Gears consists of these capabilities:

  • Connectors for passing data to and from external systems
  • Extensions that provide access to a library of extensions and plug-ins that add functions to emails, websites or mobile apps
  • Campaign templates that incorporate pre-built snippets of code for use in deploying personalization campaigns
  • Custom reports for viewing Evergage data to glean business intelligence



The new framework relies on the Evergage platform’s APIs, webhooks and orchestration capabilities, the firm says.

Citrix uses Evergage as a personalization and customer data platform, "collecting and processing important user activity data that is passed to a complementary analytics solution," states Dennis White, web business analyst at Citrix.

White expects Evergage Gears to simplify “the process of integrating data with this system and others,” he adds.


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