InsideView Adds Email Validation To B2B Data Cleansing Tool

InsideView has added new features to its CRM data cleaning solution InsideView Refresh, enabling B2B sales teams to eliminate outdated contact data and validate emails to improve their targeting.

The new offerings will be available for Salesforce in October and for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in November.

The upgraded product allows users to apply data hygiene to contacts as well as accounts, the firm claims. Brands can run an email validation for all of their managed contacts twice per contract year, the firm adds.  

In addition, the automated email validation function will enable B2B firms “to add value to any contact with an email address,” states Adam Perry, director of product management for InsideView.

According to InsideView, the tool pushes up-to-date account and contact data and firmographic and demographic information directly into CRM, facilitating more effective prospecting and account-based marketing.



The product is designed to eliminate the time wasted by sales teams when sending emails to contacts who have moved to other jobs. InsideView cites SHRM data showing that employees turn over at an average annual rate of 18%. In addition, 9% are promoted or transferred.

 “Employees just don’t stay in one job at one company any more, and keeping up with all that job shifting is a nightmare of CRM management,” Perry adds.



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