Only In Healthcare Do Ad Creators Admit The Truth, Smith Says

Steve Smith, editorial director of events at MediaPost, is opening today’s Marketing Health conference. 

Consumers are almost in complete control of their media experience. It’s a tectonic shift from what came before. We knew where it was being consumer, mostly. Prime time TV, we knew what those four hours were about at night. There was a defined And contained experience. Even the internet was defined by home use and office use. Now, mobility has changed that in a radical way. 

For media planners and buyers, it’s a fundamental shift. We’re only starting to appreciate the ways these interruptions are happening. As we blow apart the old context, interruptive advertising no longer makes sense. In healthcare, hosts of sensitivities around data. 

The retailization of healthcare marketing. In consumer controlled media world, where patients have access to info, now everybody is a retailer. Have to speak to consumers in ways they never thought of before. Today, we’ll break this down. Look at the ways in which our focus is shifting, where the money is going.

Data, how its gathered, and how it can make messaging more human. Rise of the D2C brand, using techniques that have a lot to teach legacy brands. Social part of disruption, mixed history in healthcare, much bad information. But it is the channel that may be the most promising if used well. Finally, healthcare one of few area that ad creators admit the ads suck. Common challenge that everyone seems to be honest about in this field. 

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