Cyber Execs Find Privacy Laws Confusing, Study Finds

Most cybersecurity executives want federal privacy legislation. But it better be easy to understand, because many are confused by existing laws, according to a study conducted in advance of Infosecurity North America, a cyber security event.      

According to the study, 77% of the respondents say they are receiving conflicting advice about new or changing regulations. And 35% say regulators should be more clear with regard to compliance. 

Apparently, this applies to GDPR in particular. 

At the same time, 89% want federal data privacy regulations in the U.S. And 78% say their firms are investing to meet increased oversight. 

But they hope those laws are flexible. Of the 100+ executives polled, 31% want regulatory bodies to allow a grace period, and 17% demand more time for compliance. In addition, 17% desire greater troubleshooting resources. 

Meanwhile, 76% admit they were forced to adapt their security apparatus to comply with GDPR. And 72% have made changes as a result of New York State’s DFS regulation.

“This type of legislation is incredibly intricate,” states John Hyde, exhibition director at Infosecurity North America. “And as it becomes more widespread, legislative and regulatory bodies need to make sure they provide the clarity and resources to make compliance as straightforward as possible.”

Infosecurity North America takes place on November 14-15 in New York City.



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