Pearle Vision, Billie Jean King Join For Pro-Glasses Message

Pearle Vision is partnering with tennis legend Billie Jean King to launch #RaiseYourGlasses, a new campaign to celebrate how proper eyewear and eye care can help bring visions and dreams to life.

The campaign, from Energy BBDO, is rolling out in conjunction with World Sight Day, which occurs on Oct. 11.

To encourage people to take pride in taking care of their eyes, #RaiseYourGlasses invites consumers to share a photo wearing their first or favorite pair of prescription glasses. For every 10 photos shared on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #RaiseYourGlasses through Dec. 31, Pearle Vision will donate a new pair of glasses for a child in need.

To kick off the campaign, Pearle Vision is posting a video call to action from Billie Jean King on its InstagramFacebook and YouTube pages.  Billie Jean King will also post the video on her Instagram and Facebook pages.



In the video, King talks about how important her glasses are to her life and she encourages people to leave their glasses on in photos because they "are a part of who you are."

“My glasses not only helped me see the world more clearly, they gave me the confidence to pursue and achieve my dreams,” King says in a release. 

Pearle Vision will also roll out additional support tactics to drive awareness and engagement, including an influencer program leveraging individuals whose own eyewear and eye care story help bring the program to life.

Without glasses to help them see 20/20, so many of the people who’ve changed the world wouldn’t have been able to have the impact they had, says Doug Zarkin, CMO of Pearle Vision

“Imagine if Einstein couldn’t see the page, John Lennon couldn’t read the sheet music or Billie Jean King hadn’t been able to see the ball coming over the net?” Zarkin says in a release. “We want people to take pride in taking care of their eyes by wearing their glasses and celebrating the achievements wearing glasses helped make possible.”

The optical retailer used King’s image in a TV spot that broke in August, showing how a little girl learns that wearing glasses doesn’t impede her from doing the things she loves, including playing tennis.

“Olivia” is part of Pearl Vision’s “Small Moments” campaign. The ad focused on the genuine relationships that Pearle Vision’s neighborhood doctors build with their patients.

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