Morning Consult Launches New Entertainment, Sports Verticals

Technology and media company Morning Consult debut two new verticals today focused on sports and entertainment.

The new entertainment vertical includes a report from Morning Consult about the #MeToo movement, which culled the results of a survey relaying how likely the public would be swayed by allegations in regards to watching an actor’s work. 

The Morning Consult also introduced a new ranking system of the most popular athletes, actors and celebrities. Surveying 6,609 Americans on their feelings about global celebrities included in the Forbes 100 list, the outlet created a list of which celebrities are most likely to sway Americans to brands they endorse.

Much like other areas of coverage on the site, like finance and tech, the verticals will inform readers about the most important happenings in the business of sports and entertainment, including the latest news, trends and data.



For example, today’s top sports stories include a piece from about NFL owners pulling back on new labor deals, due to higher television ratings this season.

There are also two stories from ESPN covering the potential to keep Columbus’s Major League Soccer team in Ohio and a story about Minnesota Timberwolves guard Jimmy Butler.

Separately, Religion Dispatches joined reproductive and sexual justice outlet Rewire.News as an integrated daily vertical.

Religion Dispatches, launched in 2007 in response to a lack of critical coverage of religion during George W. Bush’s presidency, brings a secular lens to issues ranging from the religious origins of fake news to the spirituality of Beyonce’s “Lemonade,” from the perspective of marginalized voices. 

Jodi Jacobson, Editor-in-Chief of Rewire.News, stated: “Religion plays an enormous role in today’s most urgent political and cultural issues — and in determining who has access to health care, voting rights and a voice in society. When we talk about speaking truth to power, we must also speak truth to religious influence for good or ill.”

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