Cloudflare To Link With ZeroBounce Email List Widget

ZeroBounce has linked up with Cloudflare to offer ZeroBounce Subscribe, a new widget designed to help clients build email lists.

The arrangement, the first third-party integration for the tool, will allow Cloudflare customers to collect and validate email addresses from new subscribers, ZeroBounce says.

The objective is to help firms “to improve their email hygiene and build more robust email lists,” states ZeroBounce CEO Liviu Tanase.

The widget can remove bad domains, duplicate email addresses, spam traps, and catch-all emails, ZeroBounce claims.

In addition, it enables brands to collect IP addresses, names and genders for re-targeting campaigns, it adds.

The widget also facilitates compliance with GDPR, and the interface prevents risky email addresses from subscribing on lists, ZeroBounce says.

Tanase adds that the firm is working on 10 additional integrations. 

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