Midas, Martin Agency Launch 'Project Spark'

Auto repair shop chain Midas has launched Project Spark, a cause related-project to help families get back on their feet by fixing their cars. To promote the effort, The Martin Agency has created a series of videos that show how lives can be negatively affected when the family car breaks down. 

One spot portrays Dorsey, who, with his vehicle repaired via Project Spark, can get his wife to her cancer treatment and make it to his son’s football games. 

Another spot features single mom Jasmine who no longer has to spend five hours a day on mass transit as a result of the Project Spark program. 

Over the next year or two, Midas says it will repair the cars of 1,000 families in need via the program. The company says in its ads that lack of transportation is a barrier for millions of Americans. 

Sample more of Martin Agency’s work on the campaign here and here.





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