Google Offers New Add-Ons In Gmail Update

Google has updated Gmail to allow users add links and attachments from Box, Dropbox and other apps to Gmail messages 

The new service, Compose Actions in Gmail Add-Ons, previewed at Google Cloud ’18, and is now available to all Gmail users.

It will allow account holders to “to add attachments, reference records, or liven up your messages with content from your favorite third-party apps right as you draft your message in Gmail,” according to a Google Cloud blog post.

The email marketing import isn’t clear, but the add-ons could affect how email is used in companies. Google adds that “G Suite admins can also easily whitelist the add-ons they want to enable for their organization.”

Here is what Google says about the new add-on features: 

The Box Add-On enables Box users to attach Box files to emails and vice versa.

The Dropbox Add-On links into their Dropbox account from Gmail.

The Atlassian Cloud Add-On for Gmail “brings helpful context from Jina and Bitbucket into your inbox,” the post states.

The Egnyte Add-On for Gmail lets Gmail users “save email attachments to Egnyte as well as link Egnyte files and folders all from within the Gmail compose window.”   

Gmail users can find the add-ons at the G Suite Marketplace. 

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