AOL Email Reported Down; Company Working On Problem

AOL was down on Tuesday throughout the U.S., with problems running into early Wednesday morning, according to downdetector. 

Email service was the hardest hit, drawing 56% of the complaints on downdetector. 

“Receiving email on phone, unable to send, not receiving email on laptop,” one user writes. “This is in Colorado. Been a mess all day.”

“No problems with AOL? Then why am I getting a message that, ‘your mailbox is temporarily not available’?,” writes another.

The outages appeared to be heaviest in the Northeast, including the Washington, D.C. and New York City areas. 

“in CT: very funky display of new mail old mail etc . blank spaces - sorted in reverse order,” writes an account holder. “Something is not right, some emails refuse to send.”

Southern California also appeared to be affected. 

On Tuesday, AOL tweeted: "Some users may experience problems accessing AOL Mail. We understand this is frustrating, We are working especially hard to fix this."

Later, it tweeted, “Our top priority is getting you connected with AOL Mail. We appreciate your diligence and patience during this issue.”

According to downdetector, 28% of the reports were over dial-up internet service, and 15% for website access. 

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