Momentum WW Launches Real-Time Data Program

Momentum Worldwide is introducing what the experiential agency calls a first-of-its-kind business intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence to unify different data points in real-time so brands can move beyond standard measurement, like in-store foot traffic and brand awareness.

MomentumBi is designed to enable clients like Chobani the ability to use precision segmentation to identify new audiences and sales opportunities. For instance, one CPG brand recently used the platform to build predictive models for campaign planning across multiple channels and vendors. 

"We are creating total brand experiences for our clients and using MomentumBi as the bridge that connects our tech and analytics teams” in that effort” says Elena Klau, chief strategy/analytics officer, Momentum.

Momentum, part of Interpublic, says its key selling point for the new platform is its "unique infusion" of intelligence that incorporates proprietary experiential data with client first-party data as well as third-party data sources, which an agency rep says is a first.



"Agencies have a huge opportunity to build our own AI-based business intelligence platforms, that can position us on equal footing (if not ahead of) the emerging consulting and tech startups," says Chris Weil, CEO, Momentum. "Technology should be the new DNA of the agency, not just a value add."

Further, the service hooks into cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure, to deliver additional capabilities including media attribution, planning for shopper media, activation, sponsorship ROI, event activity reporting, and social sentiment. 

"Clients have traditionally hired agencies for their creative chops, relevant category experience, pricing and chemistry. Technology should be increasingly integrated and weighted as a deciding factor. AI-based predictive modeling expertly tells brands where to spend money for optimal return," says Weil.

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