BlueRISC Launches Service For 'Privatizing' Emails

BlueRISC, which is embracing the trend of providing the consumer with more control over email, has launched a security service that it says can help them privatize their messages.

Electronic Privacy Circle (EPRIVO) allows users to recall the messages they have sent and make them vanish from all cloud servers and recipient devices, the company says.

It also provides privacy controls, authentication and encryption/confidentiality, BlueRISC adds.

Available on mobile and desktop, EPRIVO integrates with all platforms and devices, the firm continues.

To some degree, it also compensates for compensates for changes in technology and sloppy practices by consumers, it adds. It does not store emails.

"It is extremely difficult to make and keep emails private,” says Csaba Andras Moritz, founder and chairman of BlueRISC. “Conventional emails are stored by multiple providers in the cloud as part of the delivery protocol and are also controlled ultimately by the recipients.”



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