Pelosi Sends Off Quick Fundraising Email On Trump Meeting

Rep. Nancy Pelosi has followed up her contentious meeting with President Trump this week with an email fundraising blast highlighting the event, according to reports.  

The televised meeting between Trump, Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer erupted into a debate over funding for a border wall and the government spending bill. Accounts state that Pelosi got into the President’s face.

Democrat Pelosi declared: “I have never backed down from a fight. Which is why, after President Trump just threatened to shut down the government over his immoral border wall, tried to blame a shutdown on our Democrats, and continues to mislead the American people, I'm fighting back with a vengeance — and personally triple-matching all Democratic Membership renewals until midnight to make sure we stop him and his Republicans' disastrous shutdown." 

Pelosi is expected to be elected House speaker.




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