TurboTax Launches Tax Season Ad Push

The day after Christmas, Intuit and agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland are launching two advertising campaigns to gear up for the upcoming tax season, which of course runs through April 15.

One campaign, “Changing the Way You Do Taxes,” supports TurboTax Live and uses tech humor to highlight the platform's on-demand service that offers experienced, licensed CPAs. 

The campaign includes both English and Spanish language spots and will appear across TV, radio, and social platforms.

The second campaign, launching on Jan. 1,  focuses on TurboTax Free Edition by featuring moments — ranging from father-son talks to spelling bees — with every word replaced with “Free.” This effort includes TV, radio and social media. 



The tax season campaigns are launching earlier based on lessons learned from last year, according to Intuit outgoing CEO Brad Smith. He told analysts recently that “We discovered we had held back on our go-to-market and advertising to the second half of season, because our assumption had been more complicated returns coming in second half, so let’s put the marketing there.”  However, Intuit has come to appreciate that "having an access to an expert applies to people early in the season as it does later.”

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