President's Campaign Breaks 'Crisis' Ad Salvo Leading Up To Tonight's TV Address

The President’s campaign committee launched a new TV and digital ad blitz featuring a sensational spot asserting the U.S. has a national security crisis at its border, and that the “consequences” are “drug deaths, violent murder, gang violence.”

The spots, which broke Monday and lead up to tonight’s controversial network televised address from the Oval Office, include the President’s on-camera assertion that “Liberals care more about illegal aliens than they do about our citizens.”

Spending by the Trump Make America Great Again Committee wasn’t clear at press time, but based on Google’s political ad transparency database, it is approaching or exceeding the budgets leading up to November’s midterm elections.



At press time, all of the major broadcast and cable networks were expected to carry the President’s address on the “national security crisis on our southern border” tonight at 9 p.m. (ET), despite criticism that they are feeding his political agenda.

Congressional leaders have asked for “equal time” to rebut the President’s claims.

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