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Discover Partners With 'LEGO Movie 2'

Discover is partnering with "The LEGO Movie 2" for a spot that focuses on Discover’s late fee forgiveness. 

The co-branded ad, “Not Awesome,” features characters from the movie. There are both 30-second and 15-second versions. It was created by The Martin Agency, Warner Brothers/LEGO, MCD and Discover Brand Creative Group.

The spots will run in theaters and will appear in digital display, online video ads and on social. This is Discover’s first co-branded ad campaign with a major movie.

Discover is always looking for engaging ways to bring the brand to life, says Kelly Megel, vice president of brand communications for Discover.

“Movies have always been an interesting area we’ve evaluated, but needed to align the best message with the right cultural fit and audience,” Megel tells Marketing Daily. “It was a matter of right time, right partner, right message, and right experience for our consumers, of which the latter is most important to us.”

The spot opens on the movie’s heroine, Wyldstyl, running from the Duplo aliens, and realizing that all of the destructive alien invaders, she's forgotten to pay her Discover card bill. Discover's customer service agent informs Wyldstyle that it's no problem, because Discover automatically waives the late payment fee the first time you miss your payment, no matter the reason.

“We’ll be closely evaluating the success of the program and would be open to exploring further depending on results and impact for consumers,” Megel says. 

Discover is a brand with mass appeal, as is the Lego brand, she says.

"This opportunity is really about cultural relevance with meaningful benefit for consumers,” Megel says.

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