Barracuda Debuts Automated Email Security Service

Barracuda has introduced an email security product that it says automates the process of identifying and stopping malicious emails.

Forensics and Incident Response helps firms to investigate an attack, find all the affected users, and remove the suspect emails from their inboxes. It also alerts users who may be affected, the company says.

Wilbur-Ellis, a global agribusiness company that experienced at least a few attacks per day via social media, has tried the new solution. Previously, it had to search through tens of thousands of emails to determine whether its 4,000 users received the suspicious message.

“Knowing who got the bad email in our enterprise is now all in the same tool,” states Rick Cahoon, director of enterprise security and support at Wilbur-Ellis. “When a suspicious email is reported, we can begin to and sometimes completely remediate the environment quickly.“

In addition, the new service helps identify anomalies in delivered email, giving customers and channel partners proactive ways to detect email threats.

"For most companies, security incident response is a time-consuming, manual process that can take hours or days to identify and remediate, which can often lead to further spread of an attack," states Asaf Cidon, VP of content security, Barracuda. 



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